Welcome! You're on this page because you want to know what happens if you accept cookies. I personally don't like my information being sold or having targeted ads, but this keeps my site up. Scroll down to see what we do with your data.

Your Data

Wow, you must really care about your data! I do too. That's why I'm telling you everything you need to know about where your data goes. I personally will not sell or be selling your information to anyone, however, Google AdSense may. The way Google AdSense works is that advertisers pay money to show their ads on my site. This means that Google sends me a small portion of what the advertisers pay because I let them put ads on my site. Now that that's out of the way, let me tell you about 2 different types of advertisements: Ads and Targeted ads. Ads are just any random ad, for example, an ad for T-mobile might pop up on my site. This has nothing to do with you, or your browsing history. Targeted ads are ads that are based off things like browser history, and prior searches. This means that if you were searching for clothes before you came to my site, an Abercrombie ad might pop up instead of a T-mobile ad. After you see this ad, Google then determines data like whether you clicked the ad, and other data points. I can see these as well as the advertiser. Google may also sell this information for their own benefit. To read Googles Privacy Policy, Click Here

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